New year, same crisis

1919 Introduction As of 26 January 2021, the total number of COVID-19 cases has now surpassed 100 million globally, the number of deaths is up over 2.1 million, and the amount of people who have received at least the first dose of a Coronavirus vaccine stands around 80 million. The United States remains the hardest … More New year, same crisis

Notes on the impacts of the pandemic on workers

Fighting the pandemic by crushing the working class  Global capitalism and the states response to the pandemic triggered the implosion of the economy. For 37 weeks new unemployment insurance claims in the US were over a million. Worldwide 21 countries are experiencing a famine and 150 million more people have been pushed into extreme poverty … More Notes on the impacts of the pandemic on workers

“Democracy under assault”: Democracy for whom?

The rhetoric between the two political parties that dominate the ruling class in the United States has led to increasing polarization, with COVID-19, the ensuing economic crisis, and the anti-police brutality protests last summer as points of contention between them. The 2020 election in November of last year added new fuel to the fire, as … More “Democracy under assault”: Democracy for whom?